About Me

Hello, I'm Alan. I also go by Icemanind on the web. I am a simple organism that has a knack for converting caffeine and pizza into software. I've been dabbling in programming professionally since about 1996. I've programmed in Assembly Language, C, C++, C#, VB.Net, Java, Php, Ruby, Python and Perl. For about the last decade or so, my primary focus has been on C#.

When I'm not programming, I enjoy driving up the California coast and doing some boating. I also enjoy watching some sports, like football, hockey and baseball.

Latest Projects

Calendar .NET

Calendar .NET - A WinForms Calendar Control

Calendar .NET is a calendar control for Winforms. It supports holidys, recurring events, color customization and events. Calendar .NET can render a month-to-month view or a day view.

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TokenIcer - A program to create your own parser in C# or VB.Net

TokenIcer is a program that allows you to create "Rules" for tokenizing data, then creates C# or Vb.Net code that can be plugged into your own programs for parsing data.

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Work Experience

Senior Software Developer - Rainbow Data Systems Inc. (June 2022 - Present)

Rainbow Data Systems is a veteran-owned small business specializing in enterprise integration, supply chain management, and eCommerce services. They do contract work for the Department of Defense and I am senior developer in charge of writing C# applications for the DoD.

Senior Software Developer - University of California, Santa Barbara (March 2020 - June 2022)

I am in charge of creating the financial student portal. The portal is where student's financial records are stored. The portal allows user's to view or change certain aspects of a student's information. It stores everything from financial information to personal information.

Senior .NET Developer - Jack Henry & Associates (March 2019 - January 2020)

Jack Henry & Associates is a financial institution based out of Missouri. The software I wrote for Jack Henry is alert software that is resold to other banks. The alert software sends out alerts, either via text message, email or postal mail, to customers when certain criteria is met. For example, if a deposit is made into their account, an alert can be setup for this. Or if they are overdrawn, an alert can be sent out for this. I helped to write this alert software for Jack Henry.

Senior Developer - Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis (August 2018 - January 2019)

Federal Home Loan Bank is a large bank that provides other banks loans for mortgages. If a customer goes to their bank for a mortgage loan and gets approved, that bank borrows the money from Federal Home Loan. The software I helped to write for Federal Home Loan Bank manages those loans between Federal Home Loan and other banks.

Senior .NET Developer - Brother International (January 2015 - July 2018)

Brother International is a Japanese multinational electronics and electrical equipment company headquartered in Nagoya, Japan. Its products include printers, multifunction printers, desktop computers, consumer and industrial sewing machines, large machine tools, label printers, typewriters, fax machines, and other computer-related electronics.